Hump Day Bump Day: Week 35

week 35


stats: Blood pressure: 112/80, baby heart rate: 146, weight gain ~25lbs.

How far along? 35 Weeks, 3 Days
Outfit? “regular” dress and tank
Stretch marks/Belly Button? Now that the stretch marks have finally appeared this question isn’t as fun to answer!  Oh but I do still have a shallow innie.
Sleep: Been fairly decent lately but waking up a lot with the numb hands and the urge to pee.
Best moment this week:  Seeing Miss M on our ultrasound on Monday!  Also Friday we got news that my enlarged lymph nodes have mostly disappeared so we are just repeating the ultrasound in Nov/Dec rather than looking at doing a biopsy right now. Also on Friday, my Grandpa was finally released from the hospital and is doing well! That was a stellar day!
Miss Anything? Probably just coffee, sleep and yummy alcoholic frozen drinks
Movement: Still kicking and hiccupping in there
Food cravings: Watermelon and Panera’s Strawberry Poppyseed Chicken Salad – delish!
Anything annoying?: Numb hands, reflux, puffy feet, backache… pregnancy symptoms in general
Labor Signs? Braxton hicks and….. we learned at the doctor’s appointment I’m 2cm dilated and 60% effaced with baby in the head down position!  Really things could happen any day now although hoping for at least 4 more weeks for baby’s sake.  But the Dr said we basically are just waiting for labor to start!
Mood? Tired, cranky, stressed, excited, happy
Looking forward to:  Our next doctors appointment on Monday!
Worries & Fears:  That baby will decide to show up before the house is done.. which by the way it’s done pretty much except for the carpet install.  We have their first available appointment… July 15th.
Weekly Thoughts/Questions: So to go with the fun 2cm dilated and 60% effaced labor anytime news… Currently Miss Madeline is estimated to weigh 6lbs 10oz – which puts her development more like 36wks and in the 89% percentile! My tummy is measuring about 37 weeks. So the doctor says his best guess is we will go a few days to a whole week early and that he thinks she will be 8lbs 8oz at that time. Big but not gigantic thank goodness!  Of course she will come on her own time when she’s ready but our 5 week window is looking more like it might be just 4 weeks. Oh another fun tidbit? The ultrasound tech says Miss M has a head full of hair… I just saw a halo of white around her head but if the tech says its hair, I believe it!  And if all that exciting baby could come at any time news didn’t do it for ya, here is a pic of Miss M’s sweet face (with hand under chin) to make you smile.baby face

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