I had an entirely different post in the works for today but I have some urgent prayer requests instead.DSCN2681If you follow me on Facebook, you have probably seen my posts over the last couple weeks regarding my grandpa.  Shortly after our trip to Michigan for Memorial Day, Grandpa fell and broke his femur.  He’s needed a hip replacement on that side for some time now but he’s 89 years old and stubborn so it was something he was going to do only in his own time.  So he ended up in the hospital for a few days and got the hip replacement and an internal fixation device in his femur to boot.  He went to a rehab and then home and was doing really well with his recovery.

Then one day last week his physical therapist came to the house and noticed something didn’t look quite right with his wound. His orthopedist’s office directed him to the hospital and they did emergency surgery to clean out his wound which was obviously infected.  They also found that had an infection in his blood, otherwise known as sepsis.  They pinpointed the bacteria as MRSA and have been loading him up with appropriate antibiotics. He was getting better.  Then his arm started to swell… he had a blood clot in the arm they were using to administer the antibiotics through the PICC line.  They had to redo the PICC line and in the meantime decided that his wound needed to be cleaned out again.  He continued on antibiotics and a wound vac and started getting better again although his spirits were going down with every setback and delay in getting back home.  This morning we found out the results of the last wound cleaning.  He now also has a gram negative bacteria growing and his antibiotics need to be changed again.  They will also be taking him back to surgery today to clean out the wound more.  We are praying that the infections have not reached his hip prosthesis at this point.

My Grandpa has been there for me my entire life.  Supporting me, encouraging me, advising me.  He has shown us all through his quiet strength and wisdom what a man and more importantly a father and grandfather should be.  He has demonstrated unconditional love and an unfailing faith in God.  As a WWII veteran he’s seen and been through more than we could ever imagine.  He is the glue that holds our extended family together and we aren’t ready to give up on him yet.

I am asking for prayers for him.  Prayers for wisdom for the doctors treating him. Prayers of healing of his body.  And prayers for uplifting of his spirit because sometimes that can make a world of difference.LewisChristina-0386
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  1. You have said it well Susybell. Thanks, love you, AP

  2. Thinking about all of you and praying for a speedy recovery for you awesome grandpa!


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