ring!Once upon a time my fingers were long, thin and graceful…
Once upon a time they were described as “piano hands” by others…  
Once upon a time my engagement ring and wedding ring fit on those fingers…

And now?  We have officially entered… the puffy stump zone. 

So much so that my fingers feel stiff when I try to bend them, and my engagement ring and wedding ring have been temporarily removed as they only fit to just about my first knuckle. 

So what’s a pregnant for another 2 months girl to do?

puffy ringBeg her hubby for a {bigger} replacement ring – or two - of course! 

Don’t worry, I went easy on him and the {two} replacements were under $20 total and totally worth it!  Now I can wear a ring in comfort and not feel like something is missing from my finger.  They are 2 sizes bigger than my original rings and are a bit big but at least I don’t feel like they are cutting off my circulation.  I have the 3 stone one pictured to the right and another yellow “diamond” antiqued looking one.  SO cute!

And? They will be super cute costume jewelry for my other fingers once my hands have been restored to their pre-pregnancy size. Bonus!

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