Hump Day Bump Day: Week 33

Recently TheBump.com posted their “How Big is Baby: Dad-to-Be Edition.”  (You know, because the dads-to-be out there couldn’t possibly know what size a pineapple or acorn squash or durian fruit is?  Ok I admit, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a durian fruit except on the Travel Channel.)  With Father’s day coming up this weekend and inspired by the Bump article, I decided to go by the daddy size example for the board!  So here you have it… {for the dad’s out there} baby is the size of…  week 33

Notice the tiny little note in the heart that tells you that drawing is the actual estimated length of the baby?! How the hector is that fitting in there??
Health Stats: blood pressure: 118/62, baby heartbeat: 148, weight gain ~23lbs. Bump is measuring 2-3 weeks ahead so next appointment includes an ultrasound to see if Miss M is unusually large.  Her daddy was ~11lbs at birth…

How far along? 33 Weeks, 3 Days
Outfit? Maternity jeans, regular cardi & tank
Stretch marks/Belly Button? VERY shallow innie & no stretch marks yet!
Sleep: Oh sleep is a distant memory… last night was particularly horrible with reflux and Braxton Hicks allowing me a mere 2 solid hours before I got up for work. 
Best moment this week: Friday we found out our insurance company and the local hospital group came to an agreement and we can deliver at the closer hospital where all our preparations were taking place! Also a fabulous day because I had my OB appointment and heard Maddie’s heartbeat!
Miss Anything? Sleep. Being able to get up and down without help or a lot of prep. A full breath. My normal size fingers and toes.
Movement: She’s rolling around a lot in there!  I’m trying to get video of the “waterbed effect” but so far Miss M is camera shy.
Food cravings: Watermelon & cantaloupe.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Stupid reflux when I eat after 8pm…
Labor Signs? Ok I’ve most definitely had false labor or Braxton Hicks contractions 3 times now.  Of course I have downloaded a contraction timer/counter app on my phone in the event of the real deal happening at any conceivable moment from here on out.
Mood? If it’s an emotion or mood… I’ve felt it in the last week.
Looking forward to:  Setting up the nursery!  So far I’ve only been able to visualize it as we finish up painting so we can get the carpet installed. Hopefully just 2 more weeks (?) and we can move the pile of baby stuff from our townhouse to the real house!
Worries & Fears:  Well every pregnancy related email/newsletter/website I’ve read lately says I should have my hospital bag packed.  I don’t yet. Last night’s nightmare had this very fact at its center. I just decided on possible clothing options for baby’s coming home (which now need to be washed) but haven’t worked out the other deets quite yet.  That might become this weeks project…
Weekly Thoughts/Questions: To bank or not to bank is the question of the week… talking about cord blood here.  I know the costs are astronomical so if that’s prohibitive then you have to decide if you want to donate or forgo the process altogether.  I just don’t know.  More research is needed on my end before I can decide!

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