Hump Day Bump Day: Week 36

week 36Health Stats: blood pressure: 112/68, baby heartbeat: 150, weight gain ~26lbs

How far along? 36 Weeks, 3 Days
Outfit? maternity shirt and leggings
Stretch marks/Belly Button? Hoping my innie stays an innie for these last 3.5weeks!  And the stretch marks are fairly well contained to the under-bump area.. hoping that stays that way too!
Sleep:  Somewhat better the last week or so.  Still waking up a lot to flip sides, pee, and wake up my hands but I feel like I’m getting some rest now.
Best moment this week:  My pre-delivery pedi on Tuesday! I would have paid her just to do the massage the whole time but I got pretty polished toes thrown in with the deal.. oh yeah and my polish has diamond dust mixed in so its super sparkly and worthy of the special occasion.
Miss Anything?  Hmmm the ability to stay awake much past 10pm?
Movement: Definitely! She punches my bladder and kicks my ribs – meaning she’s also in position!
Food cravings: Not so many these days other than fruits and salads.
Anything annoying?: Pregnancy carpal tunnel – it really blows. In a good moment I only have 2-3 fingers on each hand that have feeling, in a bad moment only my pinkie fingers have sensation.  My superhero cuff splints don’t really help much either.  Only 3.5 more weeks right?!
Labor Signs? Other than a couple Braxton Hicks and being dilated and effaced slightly.. nope!
Mood? Tired, excited, scared, excited… yes I repeated that one.
Looking forward to:  Spending the 4th of July with family, our Dr appointment on Monday, and having 3 days off in a row this weekend.
Worries & Fears:  That Miss M will make her appearance early.  I know the OB said a few days to a week early… ideally I’d like her to stay cooking until at least the 39 week mark. 
Weekly Thoughts/Questions: This week I’ve been working on packing our hospital bags so thinking about what exactly is needed and what is better left at home.  Also, thinking about not having the nursery set up and should we invest in a bassinet?  Also looking back over all my pregnancy/maternity stuff and what I really liked and what I should have left in the store.. I might do a my favorite pregnancy things post in the near future!

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