Hump Day Bump Day: Week 38

week 38How far along? 38 Weeks, 3 Days
Outfit? regular cardi and maxi dress (gotta love maxis!)
Stretch marks/Belly Button? Belly button is getting very close to popping these days but I’m hoping it doesn’t! Stretch marks are still there unfortunately.
Sleep:  Sleeping ok but the hubs says I’ve started snoring like no one he’s ever met so he’s not sleeping well these days.
Best moment this week:  Friday was great because Grandpa was released from the hospital again.  Monday was even better because we heard the heartbeat again (a strong 160bpm) and the carpet installation began at the house! YAY!
Miss Anything?  The feeling in my fingers.. yup its still gone.
Movement: Mostly kicking in my ribs and out my right side. Although starting to feel more pressure right in the middle of my ribcage like she’s pushing it out.
Food cravings: Fruit is still the clear winner here – especially with the hot weather this week!
Anything annoying?: Hand numbness and swelling in my feet. (hubs says they look like Fred Flintstone feet when they are really bad)
Labor Signs? Still 2cm dilated but now 70% effaced, no real contractions but I did lose my mucus plug Tuesday morning. For some that may be tmi.. so I apologize but at least I didn’t post a picture! Yes if you check Google images you will find several… I don’t recommend it.
Mood? Excited, nervous and anxious to meet my daughter.  
Looking forward to:  Labor or the next doctor’s appointment on Monday… whichever comes first!
Worries & Fears:  Feeling a little more prepared this week.  Probably the only worries or fears would be related to us having an unplanned cesarean section.
Weekly Thoughts/Questions: Membranes were swept at our visit this week and the doctor predicted labor to be in the next couple days.. so far it’s Tuesday night and nada other than the loss of the mucus plug this morning.  He mentioned if I don’t go into labor by the next appointment we will be talking a medical induction.  I’m really hoping to avoid that because I’ve heard its horrible and that it can lead to a series of other unwanted/unplanned medical interventions (epidural because of strong contractions, c-section).  But if that’s the route we need to go, we are staying open to it.  The most important thing is for Miss M to be born healthy.

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