Hump Day Bump Day: Week 37

week 37Health Stats: blood pressure: 120/72, baby heartbeat 152, weight gain ~27lbs

How far along? 37 Weeks, 3 Days
Outfit? maternity shirt and shorts, regular tank
Stretch marks/Belly Button? I think the innie got a bit shallower this week and the stretch marks a tad longer… belly area is ready to evict it’s tenant I think!
Sleep:  Still feeling like I’m not getting great sleep and when I doze off on the couch, the hubs tends to shout me awake because he thinks it’s funny.  Just wait until the crying baby is keeping him up.. paybacks!
Best moment this week:  My doctor’s appointment on Monday because I heard the heartbeat.
Miss Anything?  The feeling in my fingers.
Movement: Mostly kicking in my ribs and out my right side. She favors the right side of my belly.
Food cravings: It’s hot so fruit (watermelon and grapes) and salad seem to be the winners.
Anything annoying?: Hand numbness and the heat
Labor Signs? A few more contractions this weekend but otherwise not too much action.
Mood? Mostly excited these days and a little scared of what is yet to come.
Looking forward to:  The doctor’s appointment next week Monday because they will check on dilation/effacement status again!  Hoping to have made some progress as we get closer to the due date.
Worries & Fears:  Hmmm the pain of labor, if we forgot to stock something for little Miss that I haven’t thought of yet, and that my hands will be permanently numb after delivery. 
Weekly Thoughts/Questions: We attended a relaxation and breathing for delivery class on Tuesday which focused on natural childbirth techniques. It pretty much reinforced info I’ve gathered from fellow moms, the internet, and some books I’ve read and had good info for the hubs as well. It was definitely worth the time and money spent and I’m feeling like we can go in pretty prepared to go natural unless complications arise.  Going to try to stay in this positive state of “millions of other women have done it and I can too” state for the next 18days…or however many it ends up being until Miss M arrives!


  1. You look fantastic. As a mom of 3, just don't forget that you are not failing as a mom or a women if you use pain control. I made it to 6 with all 3 kiddos. You are still a hero! Good for you if you can though. Also, don't be scared of whats to come. You WILL be great!

  2. I agree with Angie- you look wonderful! Pregnancy looks good on you girl! :) and i wake up every day now wondering if we are going to hear good news from you during the day! :) So thrilled for you guys! hugs and love!


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