How We Gonna Pay Last Year’s Rent?

Ok I know I’m in nowhere near the predicament that the characters in RENT are facing, {eviction} but this whole renting debacle has this song running through my head.

So in an attempt to clear up some of yesterday’s drama, I did a little digging today.

Today it all started with a phone message response from the management company stating that my apartment had been re-rented on April 10th

{Insert confusion here}

The persons in office at my old complex had stated it was re-rented right away as in fire escapeJanuary or FebruaryBig difference in the refund coming my way between those two timeframes. So my next step was to call the apartment complex directly and get the exact date that my exact unit had been re-rented. 

The story?  Well someone had put a deposit down on my apartment fairly quickly after my move out… and then at last minute pulled out of the deal. {jerk} So my apartment had been “on hold” for this person who then decided they didn’t want it and the complex then had to try to find another renter. {double jerk}  They finally did find another renter who moved in on April 10th not in January or February. {dangit}

I’m still a little peeved at the management company for not informing me of this little fact because I’ve been paying $$ when I should be getting $$.  And I will still be writing a strongly worded letter if the situation is not resolved very quickly.  But for now, I am just very happy that my obligations have been fulfilled and its one less monthly debt to concern me.  And let’s face it, there are many other things I would rather spend that $710 on! moeny fan


  1. Hey, you know the better business bureau WILL get results if you file a complaint online! The management MUST settle the dispute and make sure you're happy at the end of the day. I say since they put it on hold for this guy, KNOWING that you were paying rent, they did so with poor intent and should have notified you. Additionally, they continued to get your money and that's just not right. With a sum of well over $2000 (up to $2,800) I would say that they owe you that money back since they did NOT try and re-rent your apartment per their agreement. Since they put the apartment on hold, that voided your contract and you should get your money back.

    If they don't agree, i'm not even kidding, go online to the better business bureau's website and file a complaint. There are legal reprecussions if they don't "make you happy" for their wrong doings.

  2. Thanks for the tip Jenn - I had the BBB on my list of things to do this weekend :) Only reason I thought of them was because of your posts on the furnace! lol BTW so glad you are getting your new one!


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