Appalachian Lite?

So remember this post and this post a while back on some of the cultural differences I’ve encountered down here? 

DSCN2645I no longer find them so different or strange.  In fact…

I say “Appa-latch-ian” instead of “appa-lay-shun”.  I have caught myself saying the phrases “I don’t care to…” and “I appreciate ya!” more times than I care to admit.  I have even said something like “I’m going to THE Wal-Mart.”  And many, many times I have use the word “y’all.”  I’ve blessed people’s hearts and I’ve tried fried green tomatoes and soup beans.  I’ve even gone to music on the square and listened to some bluegrass.  And more times than I can count I have been accused of having a southern accent by my Yankee friends and family. {I still think I don’t have one}

Things I haven’t done… yet…

    • said “the Interstate” or “the four lane” – it’s still the highway to me!

    • attempted to make good ole southern biscuits, white gravy or fried chicken in my home

    • eaten anything pickled {ex: pickled pigs feet}

    After just 6 short months of living here I realize that I am somewhat adapting.


    I still miss Meijer!



    1. I still miss it too!
      When we go back and visit our family must think we are crazy as we ooh and ahhh over Meijer :)

    2. UB doesn't read blogs but he would be totally supportive of your missing Meijer!


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