Grow A Pair

Apparently I have.

Grown a “pair” that is.grow a pairSo many people have told me in the last oh 8 months that I have balls and they are impressed and that I’m brave.  Even though I’ve heard it for a while now I still don’t quite understand.

Am I really that gutsy?

I don’t really think so.  I just follow my heart… and sometimes my head… and I just go for it and I don’t look back.  There is no room for regret.

Sometimes things work out and sometimes they don’t but at least I’ve tried.  Every experience teaches you something about yourself or someone else or about life in general and it shapes who you are. 

Life is out there and all you have to do is live it.

One can never consent to creep when

one feels an impulse to soar.

– Helen Keller

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