Caught Red Handed

Not sure if it has been mentioned on le imageblog or not to date but when I moved from MI to TN I had to break my rental agreement.  Said rental agreement stated I had to pay through the end of my lease term or until my apartment was re-rented, whichever came first.

Guess who has been paying the tidy sum of $710 every month since I moved out in addition to my current rental fees?  Moi.

Guess who’s apartment was re-rented “right away – in January or February” {quote from the apartment complex office staff} but who has been paying the $710 every month because the management company did not inform her of the re-rental? Moi.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, guess who is owed some big time buckaroonies back in le bank account.  MOI!

I am too tired tonight to compose a lovely “I dislike you very much” mail this evening but you can bet your bippy the aforementioned management company will be getting a piece of my mind tomorrow!

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