Hey There Cupcake

My mom, aunt and cousin were down visiting for the weekend and it was non-stop action from the moment they arrived.  We hit the town - or should I say the mountains - and I gained a few nuggets of knowledge along the way…DSCN2543

  1. You are never too young to own a gun…
  2. An extra quart of oil won’t hurt… but 2?  That just might require some extra attention.
  3. ASAP stands for “As Southern As Possible” and..
  4. “The South” is the place where tea is sweet and accents are sweeter, summer starts in April, Mac & Cheese is a vegetable, front porches are wide and words are long, pecan pie is a staple, y’all is the only proper noun, chicken is fried and biscuits come with gravy, everything is darlin’, and someone’s heart is always being blessed. DSCN2552
  5. Bad Southern accents with a hint of Canadian/Minnesotan are very quickly acquired by my family members.  I’m curious to know if the accents left as quickly as they came on?
  6. Shopping is always more fun with a group, however, the Wal-Mart chip aisle can be dangerouswalmart
  7. The Crazy Cupcake Peanut Butter Dream cupcakes require a “moment.”  Seriously. They are omgtodieforscrumptious!
  8. Even I can hike the AT DSCN2606{Appalachian Trail for those not local} although it may have only been a quarter of a mile stretch up the mountain.
  9. You never lose the ability to squeeze into a tiny kitchen to make breakfast for the bunch!  And.. to fry an egg without mastering the art of flipping it, just push the bacon grease over the top. It works just mahvelous dahling!
  10. That sometimes the only ones who can understand are family and they can make you laugh like no one else can.  Love you ladies!

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