Must Be A Mom Thing

I’ve been pondering the meaning of life.. ahem I mean these stickers I’m seeing everywhere on people’s vehicles.  Well let’s be honest they are found on mom vans & SUV’s everywhere!  You have to know what I’m talking about… you know, the stick figure family stickers? 

stickersMaybe its just me but I don’t get them. I mean yes they can be cute but what is the point?  Do you need to justify to the world why you are driving a big ass car sucking up all that so expensive gas you are always complaining about?  Or maybe its to prove to the other drivers on the road why you deserve to drive like an idiot while racing to soccer practice or ballet?  More likely it’s just an odd status symbol of sorts among the mom crowd and to be in, you NEED these.  

I repeat, I just don’t get them. stickfamcarl

To me they are like a big shiny beacon saying “Follow me home!  I have 2 kids you can prey on!” 

Yes, I am the cynic. I can’t help it… I’ve actually had someone stalk me, leave notes on my car {when I hadn’t been aware they even knew which car I drove} and live in fear that they had followed me home without me ever knowing.  Literally.  I know these are just pictures but some go so far as to include the family names… seriously people?! Do you not watch Criminal Minds??


My apologies to those of you out there in mommy-land who indeed own these adorable sticker thingies.  I still love you!  I’m just calling it like I see it… and being I’m in the non-mommy phase in life I see these as a crazy overboard soccer mom status thing.  I do, however, find the particular set of stickers on the left hilarious for all of you single mommies out there!


  1. I agree - cute, but creeps me out!

  2. I have them. I love them. Just saying! ;)

  3. Oh Angie I still love you :) lol They are cute but i'm just paranoid!


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