What Are You Waiting For?

It's in my nature that I lack a bit of patience. I don't think that is too big a secret from those who know me best? It is, however, something that I think I'm good at internalizing to a good degree.  It causes sleepless nights, knots in my stomach, and many, many overly melodramatic thoughts in my brain.  I'm super good at playing through the possible outcomes in my head.

I think the one thing that brings the most anxiety is a factor beyond my control... the other person.

Nearly all waiting situations involve a second party do they not? Waiting for your doctors appointment, waiting for a coworkers call, waiting on your friend to reply to your email... you realize very quickly that you can influence but can't control the outcome.

So you wait... and wait... and wait!  And maybe one day soon you will get the answer.

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