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secretI’ve been considering making my blog private for a while now.  There are several reasons why that may be a good idea, one of which is the obvious fact that anyone can read this and sometimes there are things that are a part of life that you don’t want certain people knowing.  It’s all very mysterious, I know... But the reason for not wanting certain people to know certain things is simply to avoid the drama that could {and probably would} ensue.  Of course there is also the drama of those whom you don’t include on the exclusive “allowed readers” list.

Some of you may be thinking – why blog about it at all then?

Good question.

For some of you out there, your thoughts spill out into the the very private pages of a diary – or journal as is the trendy way of saying it these days. I tend to blog about mine.  I’ve never been good at keeping a journal but for some reason I can blog on a semi-regular basis.

I used this blog as a communication tool during the doctor appointments and surgeries and treatment course of my cancer journey... but it became more than that.  It was my coping mechanism.  A place where I could express the many emotions that come with dealing with a serious illness.  I was completely open through it all and I’ve had other cancer survivors tell me they appreciated that level of honesty.  It was good. Raw. Me.

So why am I feeling like I need to be guarded now? 

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