How Soon We Forget

Well… it happened.piling up

Our first accumulating snowfall of the season is here. Yes, I posted pics of our early dusting on Nov 5th but today’s snowfall is the real deal.  We are talking inches people… 3-5 by midnight plus a lake effect snow advisory. In one word: YUCK.

Now, I know that every year it is coming.  It’s west Michigan for goodness sake!  We get snow from a storm system and then we get the obligatory 2-3 inches extra from the lake effect.  Sooner or later it happens every year without fail.

But yet, many residents of this lovely state miraculously forget that *gasp* the white stuff can be slippery!  Even when that first real snowfall is only an inch or two, its like people have never seen it before.  This morning was no exception.  No less than a dozen accidents were reported at any given moment, the highway was shut down because of a wreck, you saw at least a dozen slide offs in the 25 miles between home and work.  Come on people, think while driving!

The bright spot in the day: sooner than later I will be in TN where the snow days are few!  And?  Our upcoming weekend trip to find me a place to live, the weather is supposed to be in the 50’s!  Now that’s the kind of winter I can handle!

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