to doMy To-Do list seems to be growing by the day and with Christmas just three days away my time is running out.  Once Christmas Eve hits, things will come to a close and I will be spending stress free time with family before the big move… I hope!  The post-it notes are in full effect now.  I’ve always loved post-its, but since having thyroid cancer my memory is just nonexistent so I use post-its on doors and in my planner to remind me of things.  On my entry door right now I have 5 post-its with notes ranging from “remember storage space boxes” to “cancel cable/internet, gas, electric” to “ remember CD for U.Ken on Saturday.”  Notes that may get added to the door in the next day or two: “Bring: presents, turtle pumpkin pie, laptop for dad”, “email to moving crew of new time”, “fill out paperwork.”  Some of these are notes I usually would post in my planner or in my Outlook as a reminder but since I’m off work until next year, post-its it is!

packingPacking is going slowly.  I have completely cleared one room and almost cleared two others.  Today I didn’t get much done on the packing front but I did start and finish my Christmas shopping.  Go me!  All presents are now wrapped and in a laundry basket ready to head to my parent’s house on Friday.  Still on the list are many things in addition to packing and today I’m just not feeling so well.  I’m trying to decide if I should head to bed early to make up for the mere 4 hours of sleep last night but I have so many things swirling around in my head to do that my anxiety levels are rising just thinking about wasting time on sleep.  On the top of my To Do list for tomorrow is to cancel my cable/internet so maybe I can look at it as time to finish my DVR clearing project?  I’m doing pretty good so far and have gone from 58 movies on there to just 5!  I’ve seen 4 of the 5 before which to me means its ok to “watch” the movie in the background while the main focus is on packing.  So maybe taking a break to watch the last one I haven’t seen isn’t too bad.  I’m just hoping I feel better after 8 hours of sleep tonight.

If I don’t get some sleep, I think I may soon look very much like this…

Pulling_hair_outAnd no one wants that now, do they?

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  1. Deep breaths ... it's going to be here and gone and pretty much you just need to keep breathing and you'll get through the big move!

    That photo reminds me of our apartment when we moved out almost three years ago now ... it's a strange feeling to see it all put away and in boxes. But just think of taking it all out in your new place and the amazing road ahead!

    Major kudos on getting so much done!

    I took your goal and made it a little bit mine ... I wanted to see at least four *new* movies for my 101 in 1001 project. Classics that I've never seen. Would you believe I've never seen Miracle on 34th Street? Not the new one, the original. (Never saw either, actually). But I did ... the original was on CW7 last weekend and I watched the entire thing, start to finish.

    I was amazed at how much I really enjoyed it!

    Have a safe and happy holiday, hun!! Merry Christmas!! :0)


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