Today’s Randomness

It’s been a really awkward day filled with randomness.  My brain is just not processing complete thoughts lately.  It might be because I have so many things swirling around inside or it could just be the approximate 48 oz. of coffee I’ve had today.  Either way here is some of the randomness:

  • 48 oz. of coffee plus one banana make for complete and total jittery productiveness.  I must remember this for packing days.
  • the waiter at On The Border tonight was totally blitzed.  I think I got drunk breathing in his fumes. Luckily this brought down the jitters a bit… or maybe it was just the beans and rice soaking up the caffeine.
  • went to see The Social Network which made me immediately want to check my Facebook.  Hello addiction!
  • I leave for Tennessee in just 11 days. ELEVEN. Holy crap!
  • it was slightly shocking when I checked DSL availability for my new address and the only thing that came up was dialup information. Panic not dear friends, I found ONE provider to keep me in high speed heaven.
  • Speaking of Facebook and the internet…is anyone else tired of the “mommy exclusionists”?  Mom only groups, websites, posts.. they are everywhere.  You also have the moms who seem no longer capable of associating with their non-mom friends.  I may have to save this one for a full on post sometime…
  • I am looking forward to coming home to a place that doesn’t smell like the neighbors fish dinner.  Seriously, its gross and my house reeks because of your dinner choice.  Which makes me also think… if the ventilation is that interconnected am I paying to heat and/or cool their apartment?  Could that be why my electric bills were near $200 all summer? Hmmm…
  • The Sing Off is quite possibly the best show ever created.  I think I like it even better than Glee… because a) their voices aren’t digitized and/or “studio” sounding they are just real and b) there is more singing less talking.
  • Speaking of Glee… have you see the Glee flash mob videos on YouTube? This one recorded in Rome is my favorite.
  • And speaking of flash mobs… in the spirit of Christmas you should really watch the Food Court Flash Mob, Hallelujah Chorus.
  • And finally speaking of Christmas… its not feeling very Christmassy around here.  Its snowing, its cold, the songs are on the radio, the movies are on TV… but I have no decorations up in my house.  Its just weird. I’m hoping I can drum up some Christmas spirit for our family party this Saturday.

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  1. I am going to have to go check out the Glee flash mob videos. Those kind of things are fun to watch.


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