I Should Be Packing

Rent (1996 Original Broadway Cast) is blasting, the boxes are strewn all over the floor and organized by size, the few Christmas presents I've had time to buy are "wrapped" in bags, transcripts requested & diplomas found for future employer's records, electric & gas are scheduled for shut-off (not quite ready for the 40mins I will spend with ATT yet)... and I'm on a lunch break.. so I guess its ok to be typing to you all?
Why is is so hard to find the motivation to pack?

And why is it that the spare room (ie: guest room) is the most time consuming, yet most logical place to start?

Sigh... I accumulate so much "stuff" in this room.  Some of it necessary, some it... well not so necessary.  But how do you sort it out and decide what you absolutely do not need to take with you?  Things currently in the "undecided" category include: sleeping bag, air mattress, a rug I've had stashed under the bed, an empty filing cabinet...  The sleeping bag/air mattress make sense to take if I have more than 2 visitors at a time.  The empty filing cabinet? Maybe I should just trash it?  I have a small travel file thingy that my papers more than fit in.  Currently its in use holding my printer but I have other objects that could take that honor.

Slow going it is.  And I'm hoping to plow through 3 rooms before bedtime.  Does the dining room count as a room?  If so, I just need to pack up a painting and that one is "done!" My table/chairs are being sold, I've already packed the clock that needs batteries, and my bar stools go as is.

Ok - my break is over - back to packing!

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