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Look at all the pretty colors! 

If you have thyroid issues you may recognize one or more of the above prescriptions.  This is the assortment of replacement thyroid hormone doses I’ve been on in the last 9 months. Let me tell you, its no fun.  Since my radiation treatment I’ve had my medication dose monitored every 6 months as well as my tumor markers.  Now that I’m pregnant I have to have these monitored monthly.  Since I’m less than 5 years from my initial treatment I’m still under active cancer surveillance which is a little more than nerve wracking when you have a baby on board!

Four months into pregnancy and I’ve had my med dosage increased twice. This is fairly normal from what I’ve been told but it is critical that mom and baby have sufficient supplementation over these months as we both grow.  That means in addition to my monthly OB appointments, I have monthly Endo appointments.  I also have monthly blood draws to monitor my TSH, T3, T4 and the all important tumor marker TG.  Every month I wait anxiously for the call that says my tumor markers are still undetectable and for the verdict on a new dose of hormone.  This month alone I have an Endo appointment with blood draw, OB blood draw, neck ultrasound appointment, 2nd Endo blood draw, and the most anxiously awaited OB anatomy ultrasound appointment.  That’s a lot to deal with.

But… if it means that we can have a healthy pregnancy for momma and baby, it is perfect.  I know as we get further along in the pregnancy the appointments will increase and I welcome that.  It means an even closer watch and more opportunities for reassurance.  Instead of looking at these appointments with fear or dread I will welcome them and be thankful.

I am well. Baby is well. We are blessed.


  1. I'm so thankful for you and for that healthy baby! You deserve all the happiness in the world! You are right to feel so blessed!


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