Boy or Girl?

Since we found out I was pregnant the burning question has been: is it a boy or a girl? 

We truly have no preference – I know everyone says that but we really mean it!  It was such a big question mark if having kids would even be possible that we feel blessed to have this opportunity.  BUT… it still seems to be the topic of conversation among everyone else! 

ckYes we WILL be finding out if it’s a boy/girl – hopefully at my next appointment one month from today!  So I thought it might be fun to do a poll to see what everyone’s guesses are. 

To make it easier on you, here are some stats:

Baby heart rate: 1st visit 151, 2nd visit 170, 3rd visit 150
Thebump.com’s Chinese Gender calendar says: Boy
My bump at 14 weeks 3 days looked like this: ----->
Cravings: fruits, crab rangoons, movie popcorn

To make it difficult I’m keeping my gut feeling to myself!

So what are your thoughts… is it a boy… or is it a girl?

Happy Guessing!

Boy or Girl?

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