The Bump

Half a year has come and gone since I last updated here. Oh. My. Goodness.. Half a year?!  Major blogging fail on my part.  I do have lots of exciting things to share in upcoming days so I am going to attempt to be a better blogger once again!

So.. let’s get to the good stuff!

First came love… engaged {12.10.11}engage

Then came marriage… married {10.12.12}

Photo by Kyle Bultman Photography{photo credit}

Then in mid November came a surprise… baby! DSCN4158

And here we are 14 weeks 3 days later…The Bump!ck

So if you have wondered what I’ve been up to… I hope this answers the question! More updates to come as the bump progresses and I use this as a way to keep family and friends back in Michigan {and elsewhere} informed of the progress!


  1. You look terrific Christina!!!! I'm voting girl! :)

  2. Thank you! You would fit right in with my sister and mom with the girl vote... we will see in about a month!

  3. Thanks for posting, Chris!


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