Going Mobile?

Ok so I *may* have overestimated this whole working 80hrs every other week while planning a wedding 5 states away thing... See it leaves little to no time for anything these days.

I promised myself that I wouldn't let this little blog slide.. I lied. I just can't seem to keep up!  Sure there are many, many things I could tell you about every little wedding planning detail... But then again some of my guests read this and I want some things to be a surprise for them.  I considered just shutting down the whole thing but then I sometimes have things to say and some of my older posts about my cancer journey have been helpful for others going through it. I can't take that away.. I know how I combed every inch of the internet trying to find someone else who understood.. especially while in isolation.

Sooo here's my last ditch attempt at staying connected.. the mobile Blogger app. I've tried it before and it crashed every post.. especially those with pictures. I gave up. This time I'm crossing my fingers they've worked out the bugs!

On a side note.. I updated my 365 blog (finally) so check out the pics if you like!

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  1. I am trying the mobile app too, so far, as long as I have a strong service I am good. Good luck to you!


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