Jogging for Jugs

Sooo maybe I’m just a smidge crazy for wanting to sign up to RUN in my first ever 5K a mere 3 weeks before my wedding date?  Oh I don’t know, it sounds like a fabulous idea… right? Right?!

Ok so maybe some of you out there are thinking what’s the big deal? You run… its over, No competition with the wedding… maybe blow off some steam pre-wedding…

Except for one thing. I HATE to run.

Ask me to walk a 5K any day and my answer will likely be SURE!! Heck I’ve even walked 60 MILES in 3 DAYS several years in a row without another thought.  Running?  Well it’s a whole other ballgame my friend.Lisa n i

I’ve done a mile here or there and once I ran because my walk got rudely interrupted by a torrential downpour but I’ve never done it seriously or for any significant distance.

So why RUN?  Well running a 5K.. it’s on my 101 in 1001 to do list for starters. Also? I really need a kick in the booty to get in shape for the wedding… another tick off that list. 

Also?? I’m missing my pink family and really couldn’t just abandon the cause completely this year.  I mean, I may be super busy with working & wedding planning but cancer?  It doesn’t take a break – EVER

So while I have my selfish reasons for signing up, I had to at least choose a good cause to support.  Because in the end, helping to fight for the cure is still my biggest motivating factor.

ps: if you want to join the team or donate just go here!

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  1. I love that you're doing this and your motivation for it. You hate running now, but I bet you'll get addicted to it. (In a good way.) You'll be in great shape for the wedding!

  2. Glad you are doing this for a cause. Must be a stressful addition to wedding planning!


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