SOCS: The Dechubby Project

It’s been a while since I participated in a SOCS entry but today.. well it just seemed appropriate for me to do when my mind is cluttered with so many things to do.  As I was sitting here trying to figure out what of the many things in my #SOCsundayhead to write about… my “Dechubby for the Hubby” project popped into my head.

I guess project might be the wrong word for it… goal might be more appropriate… but I seem to do better at things that are project or challenge related so project it is.

So what is it?

Well let’s put it this way… I am… fat chubby.

A few years ago I had lost a bunch of weight and was feeling pretty durn good within myself and about myself. Then cancer happened.  Most people may relate cancer to pictures of people wasting away from chemo but my treatments were different.  No chemo, just radiation… oh and they ripped out my thyroid which kinda controls the ol’ metabolism, k?  So anywho… I managed to fairly quickly regain all the weight I lost (plus a few pounds for good measure).

So the project?  Eat better, exercise more, lose weight and look completely fabulous for the future hubby on our wedding day! 

It’s fairly simple right? Suuuuuure… if it were, I wouldn’t be in this chubby state.  I have some bad habits and a really big comfy couch that don’t help things much BUT I also have some knowledge deep within my brain on how exactly to fix it.

I started one week ago and I am happy to report that 5.4lbs of that chubby-ness is gone for goodola!  I just hope to keep up the losing streak so that come the wedding day, I’m worried only about tripping on my wedding gown and not if my arms look fat from the back.

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  1. Glad they were able to take care of the cancer and that you have restarted the fitness and diet plans!!


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