{Belated} Birthday Update: 9 Months

ninemonthsBirth Deets: 21.5in, 8lbs 12oz 
6 month Deets: 16lbs 7oz, 26.5 inches
Height: 28 inches 
Weight: 17lbs 7 oz
Nicknames: Maddie, Miss Me, babydoll, Little Baby Wee, Silly Wee, Mads, Knot Head

~~ Apologies for the picture heavy post – we had a busy month!~~

Exciting Events: Aside from her little stint in the hospital, Mid March to Mid April was pretty busy!  The weather was nicer and we’ve been spending more and more time outside.  She loves to ride in the wagon at Granny’s house and to get pushed in the swings.  Maddie made DSC04798her second road trip to Michigan and we discovered she still really hates driving at night!  But even though the trip was long and stressful, it was worth being there for Great Grandpa’s 90th birthday (which also happened to be Maddie’s 9 month birthday!).  She also celebrated Mommy’s birthday and Auntie Katie’s birthday with her first trip to a Japanese steakhouse, Shang Hai Ichiban.  I’m sure it won’t be her last!  funwarmShe loves sharing Mommy & Daddy’s meals and has tried a little bit of everything it seems!  Some of DSC04800her new favorite foods include: Vietnamese pho, soba noodles, guacamole, black beans and the Southern breakfast standards of scrambled eggs and biscuits and gravy!  While DSC04914in Michigan we also visited a butterfly exhibit at Meijer Gardens, celebrated Easter and went on an Easter egg hunt, and went to a petting zoo called The Critter Barn.  Mads is really becoming an animal lover.  She still loves our cat but has also made friends with the neighbor’s horse as well as a few dogs in the area. She even loves the ants and bees in our yard which makes Mommy a nervous wreck! Ants seem to look like a yummy food source at the moment and bees.. .well I think their lazy buzzing just has her fascinated in general.  hospitalPossibly the most exciting news is that Maddie’s spasms have nearly completely vanished!  It is really an answer to prayers and our baby girl has been deemed completely healthy by her neurologist!
What She Does: Well it’s been an exciting month of developments in this area too!  DSC00388In addition to pulling herself up to a standing position, Maddie decided that standing without help was no big deal at all!  She hasn’t tried to take any steps without holding on to something or someone though. DSC00380 She also started crawling backward a bit but mostly still rolls to her desired location. Her mouth is full of… NO TEETH!  Yup, she’s still just got pink little gums so I think she’s taking after Mommy and won’t get her teeth until closer to her first birthday!  She says “mom” and “dad” and “yeah”… she also shocked her pediatrician when she said “bye” and waved goodbye as our appointment ended!  She loves to wave at people as they leave but has become a bit more shy around strangers.  These days she’s more likely to bury her head in Mommy’s shoulder than to grace them with her toothy little grin.

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