Birthday Update: Six Months!

6moeyesBirth Deets: 21.5in, 8lbs 12oz 
4 month Deets: 14lbs 2oz, 24.8 inches
Height: 26.5 inches
Weight: 16lbs 7oz
Nicknames: Maddie, Miss Me, Bay, babydoll, Little Wee, Silly Wee, Mads
Exciting Events: This month was really busy!  Besides marking half a year on this earth, Miss M was baptized, took a trip to Michigan and celebrated her very first Christmas!   While in Michigan, she met quite a few relatives for the first time – including great grandma and grandpa K!  She celebrated Christmas and loved opening presents.  Well… she really loved the wrapping paper that she tried to chew on.  She was blessed with way too many toys and more clothes than she can ever possibly wear in the upcoming months – but she will for sure try! christmas It was a whirlwind week long trip and she left with her very first cold… that part wasn’t quite so fun or exciting.  I will say that Nosefrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator was a complete and total lifesaver! Yes, there is a gross out factor involved but really, those little bulb suckers did nothing to help and this allowed her to breathe.  Maddie also took her first bites of real food this month… she’s not too keen on that quite yet though.  So far she’s tried avocadoes, bananas, and homemade applesauce.  Applesauce is her favorite by far!  She usually has 3-5 spoons and is done so her diet really hasn’t expanded past breastmilk all that much but we will be trying out more foods in the coming weeks!
6mo foodsWhat She Does: Miss M is an experienced sitter now!  She loves to sit and play on the floor and only occasionally topples to one side or the other while reaching for an object. She also loves to stand and will lean against items like footstools or the back of the couch and stand on her own for small stretches of time. She will even take steps across the room while we hold her arms!  Her toes are an endless source of entertainment and more often than not end up in her mouth – totally gross – and socks never last more than a few minutes at a time.  Yes, you can follow us around the grocery store by following the trail of baby socks!  Maddie loves music, and we have found that the piano and drum apps on our tablets are a fun distraction once in a while.  She still has no teeth but she acts like she's teething… oh joy!  She loves chewing on a sippy cup when her teeth really start to bother her.  So far she hasn’t really learned how to drink from the sippy cups but she does get some baby water out on her shirt!mads

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