Leap of Faith

In October 2010 I posted the lyrics to the song ”Here Goes” by Bebo Norman.  At the time I was debating taking a leap of faith by leaving my home, family, and job behind to start something new in Tennessee. The song always seemed to be playing when I was praying or thinking about the decision.  And I listened. 

Here goes nothing, here goes everything. Gotta reach for something or you'll fall for anything. Take a breath, take a step, what comes next God only knows but here goes…

And I moved… 700 miles away from everything and everyone I knew.  A leap of faith that what was waiting for me was something bigger and better than I could have imagined.  It started with a job had seemed promising at the time, but I struggled with once I was in it.  I was on a fast track to climb further up the corporate ladder and it was nothing I wanted.  I reevaluated where I was and who I was and decided to take focus off work and back to what I felt was really important – family.  It seems slightly counterintuitive to focus on family when all of mine was 700 miles away, yet I felt my time in Tennessee wasn’t over. About that same time I found another job option that gave me flexibility of location and… I met my husband.  He was the reason I was supposed to stay.

And What good is chance not taken? What good is life not living?
What good is love not given?

I heard the song again last week for the first time since making the move and it seemed appropriate for our current situation.  I had just given notice to my work of my maternity leave and was informed they have no written policy. We are on our own to determine what length of leave will be appropriate for our family, knowing the whole time I have no job security or protections.  While we would love for me to be a stay at home mom full-time, it is just not financially reasonable at this point.  We will be taking a leap of faith that things will work out when I return from leave, or a door to something better will open up. 

I needed this reminder.  And as always… His timing is perfect.

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  1. I still have that song in my head. God is good and he will carry you guys through. He has proven that many, many, namy times.


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